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Do you know your Voice?
Private Speaking Voice Lessons
Many students prefer to work one on one. Learning to use one’s voice is a very personal endeavor for many of us. We all have our own voice print which makes us recognizable. Everyone is welcome!

These are questions we ask ourselves:
  • Am I being understood?
  • What is my natural tone, pitch, color, and flow of sound?
  • What is my comfortable volume?
  • Is my voice pleasing to the listener?
  • What is vocal fry and how can I avoid using it to keep my voice from tiring?

Exploring the Healthy Speaking Voice is a six week, seven session course, including a private voice analysis session with Anne. This course is for anyone wanting to feel more comfortable with their voice and maximize their impact as a public speaker by understanding how the voice works.

This custom-designed course  is appropriate for:
  • Singers
  • Public Speakers
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Teachers
  • Anyone wanting to improve the quality of their speech

Exploring the Healthy Speaking Voice answers the following questions:
  • How does my voice work?
  • How can I use my voice to communicate more effectively?
  • What is my healthy, natural voice?
  • What is my comfortable speaking range?
  • How can I speak more clearly?
  • How can I keep my voice from becoming tired?
  • What is the impact of my environment on my voice?
pdf file  Download a copy of the Exploring the Healthy Speaking Voice brochure.
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"Anne Hurley through her enthusiasm, vibrant personality and knowlege is able to assist others in finding their creative voice. Her classes are fun, refreshing, rewarding and practical for persons from all walks of life" -- Thomas Houser PHD, Director, The Gift of Voice